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Initial Contact

We may receive a referral or order from your primary care provider, neurologist, or other provider indicating a need for a physical therapy evaluation to determine need for mobility equipment. You may also reach out to us directly!



​During this visit, an in-depth assessment and interview will occur. Measures such as strength, joint range of motion, sensation, tone, and contracture may be assessed as indicated. You will be asked about your current movement strategies and what aspects of your day you need assistance with. This session typically takes 60 to 90-minutes.  


Vendor Session

​A Vendor that accepts your health insurance and specializes in your equipment need will be scheduled. The Physical Therapist and Vendor will collaborate to ensure the equipment ordered for you is the optimal fit for your lifestyle.  This visit with both our Physical Therapist and your Vendor present typically lasts 45 to 60-minutes.


The Letter

A Letter of Medical Necessity is a highly-detailed document written by a licensed medical professional outlining your medical history and diagnoses currently impacting your daily function. The Vendor supplies the Physical Therapist with the specifications that need to be justified to your insurance company in the Letter of Medical Necessity.

Equipment Services

If you need equipment such as a custom wheelchair, gait trainer, adaptive stroller, or standing frame, you need the below services.

Evaluation and Vendor Visit may be combined depending on your preference

wheelchair rear tire

Other Services

We offer a variety of consultative services to programs and facilities serving individuals with disabilities.


Equipment Management and Monitoring

For programs or facilities with multiple individuals using specialty equipment, we will take full inventory of existing and needed items. This service is customizable and may additionally include initiating repairs, modifications, and re-orders depending on resident or client needs. 

Day Habilitation Consulting

We complete Initial Evaluations and continued services as indicated, creating individualized physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy programs for clients in need. Let adaptABLE keep your program up to date with current State and MassHealth Day Habilitation guidelines. 

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