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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use adaptABLE when I already have an outpatient physical therapist?

Many physical therapists do not have experience writing Letters of Medical Necessity, and they may refer you to adaptABLE just for your medical equipment evaluation. This way, you will not lose valuable treatment time with your regular physical therapist  collecting measurements, and you will notice more efficient processing of your new equipment. 

Can I tell my regular physical therapist that I'm working with adaptABLE?

Of course you can! We love to collaborate with other providers to make sure our clients are served in the best and most efficient way possible.

Can I use adaptABLE if I have home care services?

Unfortunately, no. While adaptABLE services may take place in your home, we are considered outpatient therapy. Insurance does not cover home care and outpatient therapies occurring simultaneously. If your home care therapist is not comfortable writing you a Letter of Medical Necessity for new equipment, you may choose to use adaptABLE's services out of pocket. 

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